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On this page, we would like to post things that YOU think are fun things to do in Wichita.  To submit something to be added to this page, please email us at













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Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Spacious - Average
Charming - Small
Comfortable - Very small
Cozy - Very, very small
Low maintenance - No lawn
Within walking distance - Nowhere to park your car
City living - Next to a club, bar, or sex shop
Sophistocated living - Black walls, concrete floors, and no windows
Prestigious - Expensive
Exclusive - Expensive
Negotiable - Expensive
Old World charm - Has some woodwork, needs cleaning
Contemporary feeling - Has no woodwork, needs cleaning
Bright and sunny - Venetian blinds not included
Wide open floorplan - Previous owner removed supporting walls
Security system - Neighbors have dogs
Antique - Old as dirt; expect dry rot, damp cellars, and knob-and-tube wiring
Vintage - About 60 to 70 years old
Modern - About 30 to 40 years old
Contemporary - About 15 to 20 years old
Convenient - Next to the highway
Sprawling ranch - Inefficient floor plan
Natural setting - The deer eat everything
Secluded setting - Ever seen the movie “Deliverance?”
Executive neighborhood - Excessive taxes
Park-like setting - There is at least one tree on the block
Unaffected charm - Needs painting
Needs TLC - Major structural damage
Updated kitchen - Has both electricity and running water
Neutral décor - No nude murals, chartreuse carpet, or Elvis portraits, but probably has brown paneling
Move-in ready - Front door is missing
Starter home - Run down
Brilliant concept - Weird
Easily maintained - If you have two full-time gardeners and a live-in maid
For the gardening enthusiast - The yard is a jungle
Outbuildings on the property - No indoor plumbing
Well-situated - In full view of the neighbors
Lots of potential - Steer clear unless you are a masochist with a lot of money
One of a kind - Ugly as sin
Hurry! Won't last - About to collapse
And much, much more - Nothing else comes to mind

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